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Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting Season Dates and Check in Times

Harvest Guidelines

  • A harvest of 1 deer per day is permitted, not to exceed a total of 1 buck and 1 doe for any hunt of 4 days or less
    • If one harvests a second buck of any size, a $750.00 feet will apply
  • Unlimited wild hog harvested from tree stand (you clean 'em)
  • Bucks must be 8 points or better with a 16 inch inside spread, unless the following applies:
    • Children 12 years old or younger accompanied by an adult may harvest a buck of any size between December 15 and season's end.​
    • Seniors 65 years old or older may harvest a buck of any size between December 15 and season's end.

The 2015-2016 deer season for the Southern Zone may be viewed at www.georgiawildlife.com.   At Tussock Bay, we hunt deer Wednesday through Sunday.  Our maximum hunt is four days.  Although you may lodge for a longer period of time, we rest our woods so that the next parties experience is as exciting and successful as yours.

Generally, earliest check in is 2:00 p.m. the day before a deer hunt, unless you are planning a half day afternoon hunt, in which case you must check in by noon.  We prefer deer hunters to check in early.  This allows you to meet your guide and discuss the upcoming hunt.  We like to educate the hunter on the unique nature of the stand and woods in which he or she will hunt and answer any questions that may arise.  We feel this process is especially helpful for our young or inexperienced hunters.  You must therefore arrive early enough to discuss safety and particulars of the hunt.

Tussock Bay consists of 800 acres of dense pine forest with cypress bays and hard wood bottoms.

Our management practices have produced quality trophy bucks within a large deer population.  We feed our deer year round with high protein supplements and quality food plots.

We provide a variety of deer hunting alternatives to fit the needs of our clientele.  Whether you choose an experience which includes lodging and meals, or a day hunt for you and your child; the beauty of our forest, the abundance of our game, and the quality of our service will be an experience enjoyed by all.

Moreover, probably the most desirable aspect of any Tussock Bay hunt is your exclusive access to the property and its activities.  There will be no other parties with which to share amenities or the woods.  You will be free to fully enjoy the fellowship of your party without outside interruption.

In addition, to provide the best hunting opportunity possible, we limit the number of days we hunt per month and the total number of hunting days per season.  Once we meet these thresholds, we will not accept new bookings.  So do not wait, book your hunt today!!