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Welcome to Tussock Bay!  Tussock Bay is a remnant of what once was a patch work of corn fields amidst a vast long leaf yellow pine turpentine plantation.  Seventy five years ago, our family was still in the naval business.  When we grew up, the yellow pines and their cat face scars were still part of the Tussock Bay landscape.  As children, my sister and I roamed the woods, hunted birds with our dad, and trained bird dogs under his watchful eye.  Wild birds were abundant; and every year the forest yielded abundant coveys of quail.  We fished in ponds, and in the nearby Satilla River.  In all, this unique property has been the source of great joy for our family.  We have this property and our memories as a reminder of our unique legacy.

We realize how fortunate we were to grow up with access to such a beautiful place.  It is our goal to share this rich and wonderful outdoor legacy with you.  To that end, we have assembled a variety of activities which may be enjoyed by the whole family.  We have year round hunting and fishing.  Depending on the season, we also provide many other sporting, recreational, and outdoor adventures for your enjoyment.

Importantly, your booking ensures your exclusive access to these opportunities; shared with no other.

So bring your family and friends and create memories which will last forever.

Tussock Bay . . . "where adventure meets the outdoors!"

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